In 2003, RMC Guittard was taken over by François Turlais who has been managing it since. The company was founded in 1989 by Marc Guittard, and it was originally mainly focussed on repair and overhaul of mixers, mixer extruders, and other equipment for the chemical industry.
Underpinned by its 25 years of experience in the field of Z blade mixers, RMC Guittard has skills and expertise that are widely recognized in the chemical and food-processing industries.
In 2007, RMC Guittard invested in a powerful and comprehensive CAD system, and is now fully equipped to design new equipment incorporating advanced technologies adapted to meet the needs and constraints of its customers.
Taking advantage of the flexibility of a high-performance and specialised team, and without neglecting its local market, the company is now opening up internationally and is focusing its efforts particularly on markets such as the USA, Canada, South Korea, and of course Europe.
Our long term strategy of focussing on customer benefits and customer investment protection means that RMC Guittard not only offers new equipment but also repairs, overhauls, and upgrades existing equipment.
RMC Guittard, the experts of Z arms mixers ...
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