Overhaul of Z blade mixers and other mixers 2020-08-31T07:35:58+00:00

Overhaul of Z blade mixers and other mixers

In addition to its activity of design and manufacturing of new Z blade mixers (Sigma blade mixers), the company RMC GUITTARD doesn’t neglect its original activity which is the overhaul, the refurbishment and the repair of Z blade mixers and specific mixers.

Indeed, many customers rely on us to do general maintenance or a refurbishment which consists to completely dismantling the mixer, make an inspection of all parts and replace wear parts by newly designed and manufactured ones.

Our ability to master the whole manufacturing process of a mixer, from the design of the drawings to the manufacture of the parts, enable us to respond quickly to the issues of the overhauls of mixers from different brands and conceptions even if mixers have several decades of use.

Our specialisation and specific knowledges in Z blade mixers give us an advantage in comparison with our competitors thanks to a working method and a way to deal with the problems that had proved successful over the years.

Our competent and experienced engineering department is able to propose modifications and improvements on mixers manufactured several decades ago (implementation of direct motor units, modifications for bottom discharge…).