Design and manufacturing of new Sigma kneader mixers 2021-03-15T20:28:33+00:00

Design and manufacturing of new Sigma Kneader Mixers

The company RMC GUITTARD has all the resources to design and manufacture Sigma Kneader Mixers of any sizes thanks to a complete and cross-functional team. From the 3D design of mixers with an experienced and efficient engineering department and with a modern production workshop in which the different specialisations are represented: lathe/mill operator, assembly technician, painter, welder…

The aim of RMC GUITTARD is to propose strong and reliable industrial equipment to its customers by responding to their issues in the most relevant way.

The company RMC GUITTARD manufactures high quality Sigma Kneader Mixers with the lastest technologies available and is able to submit proposals to direct its customers to the choice of the most adapted solutions to their issues.

With skills developed in-house for almost 30 years and with a high-skilled and carefully selected network of subcontractors, RMC GUITTARD Sigma Kneader Mixers ensure their customers with a reliability and a durability difficult to match.

With a complete range of mixers from laboratory units to 5000 litre capacity Sigma Kneader Mixers extruder, RMC GUITTARD will fulfil all your expectations.

Design and manufacturing of specific mixers

In addition to its skills and specialisation in Sigma Kneader Mixers, the company RMC GUITTARD can also propose mixing solutions for specific applications.

Indeed, our know-how and skills are regularly solicited to design mixers that do not exist or do not exist anymore on the industrial mixing market.