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Industrials Sigma Kneader Mixers

With an optimized design and a conception that had proved successful over the years, RMC GUITTARD industrial Sigma Kneader Mixers also known as Sigma Blade Mixers, Z-blade Mixers or Double Arm Mixers, are mixers which are very popular in the industries around the world.

These mixers integrate high quality equipment and their specific designs provide an easy handling and a maintenance which is reduced over time.

The complete range of industrial Sigma Kneader Mixers is from 30l total capacity on the smallest models to 5000l for the biggest ones. These mixers are available in tilting version (discharge by tilting of the tank with a hydraulic cylinder), extruder version (discharge by a screw in the bottom of the tank) and bottom discharge version (discharge by bottom valves).

All our mixers integrate state-of-the-art technologies to respond efficiently to customers’ issues.

A full range of options is available to enable these Sigma Kneader Mixers to adapt to any processes (vacuum, specific heating temperatures, nitrogen inerting, ATEX regulation, food and pharmaceutical environment…).

RMC GUITTARD proposes also turnkey solutions including an electrical cabinet or a heating system on its mixers.