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Laboratory Sigma Kneader Mixers

With an optimized design and a conception that had proved successful over the years, the laboratory Sigma Kneader Mixers RMC GUITTARD are very popular in the research laboratories around the world.

Indeed, these mixers integrate high quality equipment and their specific designs provide an easy handling and a maintenance which is reduced over time.

From the 1 litre format to the 15 litre one for tilting mixers and on the 8l format for Sigma Kneader Mixers Extruder, RMC GUITTARD laboratory Sigma Kneader Mixers are able to respond to any issues of industrial research laboratories.

With the same functionalities than the industrial machines (vacuum, double jacket…) and with a turnkey system (supply of a state-of-the-art electrical cabinet, possibility to integrate a heating unit, vacuum pump…) RMC GUITTARD laboratory Sigma Kneader Mixers are the perfect scaled models of RMC GUITTARD industrial size mixers.